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Monday, October 11, 2010

Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks...Tips from the Cub Guru - Part 2

In our last lesson, we discussed the steps to take in order to wrap mom around your paw.  More specifically, we discussed how to get pools in our rooms!  My tips proved successful for my friends Poncho and Webber, who have been enjoying their pools since our lesson!  I never doubted my powers of persuasion.

Life has been wonderful, splashing around and enjoying the Florida sun!  But I have to admit, I have been a little jealous of my friends - their pools are much bigger than mine! 

In an effort to even the odds, I had to up my game a bit and pull out all the stops. Mom is such a sucker for a cool, handsome cub!  The key to success is to prey on her motherly instinct - they think everything we do is adorable!  Begin by chuffing as much as a cub can chuff, calling "maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" any time she's within earshot, and giving her the best "he's the sweetest boy ever" look by rolling over and sheepishly putting your paws in my mouth.  Before you know it, you too will be living and playing in the lap of luxury...or at least practicing your ninja moves in the big human pool! 

And for all of the wet rags out there who said it couldn't be done.....well,