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Friday, August 27, 2010

Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks...Tips from the Cub Guru

This is my buddy, Webber.  He and I sat down for a chat (yes, we had to yell a few times since our rooms are a few doors down from each other, but we did it covertly under the cover of night so the humans wouldn't hear my genius plan)....I gave Webber explicit instructions on how to properly beg mom for a pool - you start with chuffing, then beg for ear scratches, then lay down and stretch and do your best to say "maaaaaaaaaa" (my personal soundtrack for training tigers on how to do this will be posted here soon)....last, bat those big green eyes at her and you can have anything you want!  Webber is now lazily lounging in his pool....mission accomplished!

Now that I've put in a full day of tutorials, it's time for a good dinner and some shopping....off to etsy!

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